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He Was, He Is, And He Is to Come by KrynTheViking He Was, He Is, And He Is to Come by KrynTheViking
I have this in a book at home called Illuminated Manuscripts by Janice Anderson. It dates from the year 586 and was produced in the monastery of Zagba in Mesopotamia. It is now in the Biblioteca Laurenzia in Florence, Italy.

The original combines events from the ascension of Jesus in Acts Chapter One with imagery from John's vision of heaven in the book of The Revelation.

It shows the resurrected Christ Jesus in the heavenly realm. I love the color of his clothing- the pale blue and light yellow convey victory and rest.

With one hand Jesus points towards heaven. His other arm is extended outward. I've drawn Jesus holding a scroll- the Lamb's Book of Life, on which are written the names of all those going to heaven. I'm not sure that the scroll is in the original. Jesus may simply be holding the edge of his garment away from his body.

The design below Jesus is probably the four beasts or creatures referred to in the book of The Revelation, starting in Revelation 4:6. They each have six wings and they are covered in eyes before and behind. One has the face of a man, another like a lion, another like a calf, and the other like an eagle. These symbols have traditionally been associated with the four gospels. The man is the book of Matthew because it portrays Jesus as the long awaited Jewish Messiah. Mark is the lion because it portrays Jesus as the King. Luke is associated with the ox because it portrays Jesus as the suffering servant. John is the eagle because his gospel soars and it takes us to the heights that can only be revealed by John, the disciple whom Jesus loved, who also wrote the book of The Revelation.

I'm not sure what is on either side of the wing design but I've depicted them as fiery wheels within wheels.

I'm not sure what the angels flying beside Jesus are holding. The prayers of the saints? The blood of the saints? Is that blood on whatever it is the angels are carrying?

The central figure on the ground is Mary, the mother of Jesus, as indicated by the halo around her head.

On the ground are the twelve apostles talking to two angels. Could they be the two archangels Gabriel and Michael or are they other angels?

Is that Peter on the left, dressed in white and talking to the angel? He seems to be holding keys in his hands. Peter is traditionally associated with having the keys of heaven.
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